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Google Scholar Metric

Last Update: 08 Jun 2021

Tailored Electromagnetic Fields
  • Optical centrifuge for creating molecular super-rotors

  • Synthetic globally chiral electromagnetic fields

  • Lissajous optical centrifuge

  • Picosend shaped-pulses for enhanced molecular alignment

  • Optimal control theory for rapid-adiabatic passage techniques

Controlled Molecular Motions
  • Dynamic chirality

  • Molecular super-rotors

  • 3D molecular alignment

  • Separation of chiral molecules in chiral fields

  • Controlling rovibrational populations of molecules

High-accuracy Spectroscopy and Imaging
  • Photo-electron circular dichroism (PECD)

  • Vibrational effects in PECD and High-Harmonic Generation (HHG)

  • Coulomb explosion and velocity-map Imaging (VMI) simulations

  • High-accuracy rotational-vibrational line lists for remote sensing

  • Predictions of forbidden (ortho-para) transitions in molecules